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Showreel 2014 Stop motion & Motion Graphics


Animatie in AVhuis BredaAnimate the World is the animation studio for brain popping stop motion animation and moving motion design.
Based in Breda, the Netherlands, these creative thinking animation directors make great ideas come to life in animated commercials, explainer films, games, campaign websites, etc.



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Canon football

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Motion Graphics Compilation

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Our view on explanimations

Nowadays more and more explanation animations, better known as explanimations, are published. Often, a character is animated, a voice-over is added and there you have a nice way to explain your product or service to your consumers.

For our client ‘Check your service’ we made such a straightforward explanimation, as you can see above.

This style will not always be appropriate for every message and audience. Therefore, we at Animate the World, customize explanimations in different animation styles.

For instance, we create a totally different visual concept to tell the story.

Then your explanimation may look like this film we made for Clypper: 


It’s also possible to use only stop motion animation, like we did for Canon. This nonverbal animation speaks for itself.


Sometimes we choose a combination of the examples above. We did so for the healthmix of Topbuxus. We tell their story in stop motion animation, assisted by animated infographics to show how the product works.

This film is also nonverbal, which is perfect if you want to show your film on a busy convention. 


Sometimes, the message isn’t so cheerful. Even then, you can use animation to convey your message. Dark, calm images, combined with an old and dark voice give your animation the right mood. 

As you see, every message needs a different approach. And that’s what we like about creating client films!

In our graphics showreel you can see more examples of how we use motion graphics:


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