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Showreel 2014 Stop motion & Motion Graphics


Animatie in AVhuis BredaAnimate the World is the animation studio for brain popping stop motion animation and moving motion design.
Based in Breda, the Netherlands, these creative thinking animation directors make great ideas come to life in animated commercials, explainer films, games, campaign websites, etc.



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Canon football

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Eyetracking Animations

Did you know, when watching a movie, people automatically focus on faces? In animation, this works the same way, even though we use cartoon faces. Wondering how we know this? Well, we used an eyetracking device on one of our latest animations. Karin den Bouwmeester from Userproof is a usability expert who normally tests the usability of websites. With the eyetracker, she makes visible where the user is looking at. With that knowledge you can check if this matches the strategy you had in mind for your website or whether you need to make some changes.

To check whether our viewers see all the info we show them in our animations, Karin let us use the eyetracker.

In this video you’ll see the test subject looks at every visual. We always let the visuals enter the screen one by one, the test shows the viewer needs this to see everything clearly.

We also got confirmation that graphics work better then text. The test subject mostly sees the visuals in one glance, while reading text takes more time and effort.

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